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The best ways to take on extra people

You have a number of options:

  • Permanent employees can be full-time or part-time. They have an open-ended employment contract with you.
  • Fixed-term contract employees have an employment contract with you but it is for a predetermined time or until a specific task has been completed.
  • Employment agency – temporary staff are engaged by the agency and supplied to you. Your contract is with a recruitment agency to supply you with staff, but you still have certain legal responsibilities towards the agency worker.
  • Using self-employed freelancers, consultants and contractors gives you the minimum of employer obligations. But you need to be sure that the people are legally defined as self-employed.
  • Zero-hours contracts allow you to have people on-call to work whenever necessary and mutually convenient. Generally, you are not obliged to offer work, nor is there a responsibility for the worker to accept any work.

You will also have to make tax arrangements for permanent and fixed-term employees.