Our Guarantee

Customer satisfaction is our greatest priority and we therefore guarantee our service with our replace or refund guarantee. This means that the client has ninety days within which to express dissatisfaction with the performance or fit of the candidate. Within this time period the consultant will keep in close contact with both the employer and the candidate and act on any issues that may arise.

Should the candidate resign or leave within this period of time, the guarantee is still valid. We will replace the worker with a new, suitable candidate without any further costs to the client. We will do up to three replacements within this time. Should the client continue to be dissatisfied, we will then refund 50% of the placement fee. Of course, if the client then finds a suitable candidate from our suggested list, a new and reduced placement fee will be applicable.

Guarantee Restraints

Although our clients are very valuable to us, there are times when the guarantee will be forfeited. These exceptions are there to protect all the parties involved and to prevent abuse of our service guarantee.

One of the exceptions is if the client, within the ninety day guarantee period, retrenches or lays off the worker. At this point it is clear that the worker’s performance or the agency’s service was not at fault and the client therefore forfeits either replacement or refund.

Any differences based on race or any other kind of human rights that cannot be mediated by the consultant will also be grounds for forfeiture of the guarantee. The supposition is that the client is satisfied with the candidate’s fit in the organisation or company at the time when the placement is made. Once again, if the worker’s performance is not the cause of the dissatisfaction, the guarantee will not come into play.

Protecting our clients

Our clients are very important to us and we take great pains to ensure that they are satisfied with our service at all times. The replace or refund guarantee is in place to protect our clients from misinformation, fraud and poor performance. Although every attempt is made to verify a candidate’s claim of competency, there may be unforeseen discrepancies that will only surface in the workplace.

In the event of poor performance, the client has the right to express his dissatisfaction and ask for a replacement (within the parameters of the constraints). We will make every effort to find the most suitable candidate for the position and work with the client to ensure that the right person is found for the job.

For any further information on this guarantee, feel free to contact us.