Our Process

Our Process

As a professional and efficient staffing solutions agency, Recruitment Agency London is able to provide clients with the best possible workers within a very reasonable time period. In order to do this, we have a tried and tested process that we follow.

In order to find the right candidate for the job, we need to understand the specific needs and requirements of our clients. This is determined through extensive communication with the client. Depending on resources, budget and time constraints, we will either, phone, visit, Skype or email our client with a list of specific questions. Once these questions have been answered, our consultants are then able to move onto the actual recruitment process. This is done immediately to prevent any unnecessary delays.

The Recruitment, Selection and Placement process

As a member of the Workers Direct Group in Ilford, Greater London, our extensive database is the consultant’s first port of call. The database contains comprehensive details of candidates who are qualified, skilled and experienced as well as ready to work on short notice. If it is a temporary or part-time basis placement, the process moves along a lot more briskly than with a permanent placement. This is because there is generally not a few rounds of interviews to complete and the consultant can make a judgement call on whether a candidate is suitable or not.

In the case of permanent placements, the client is presented with a short list of three to five candidates from which to choose. If the employer isn’t satisfied with any of them, the process starts again, or the next step is to embark on an advertising campaign to attract new candidates.

Once the client is satisfied with the short list, the interviews commence and the employer will then indicate who they would like to appoint. At this stage, the consultant will either make the placement or become involved in the contract negotiations. All of this depends on the client’s requirements. In any event, Recruitment Agency London is fully equipped to offer any staffing support that is needed.

Service guarantee

The employer is at all times informed of the progress in the process. It may take time to find the right skills for a position with very specific requirements, but that is always stated upfront and a course of action determined by both the employer and the consultant.

Our placements are all backed up by our replace or refund guarantee. Customer satisfaction is our greatest priority and we therefore guarantee our service with our replace or refund guarantee. See our ‘Guarantee’ tab for further details.