Short-Term Staff Recruitment

Short-term staff are always in high demand. They are mainly used for periods of extended absence such as maternity leave, holidays etc. Normally the client would give Recruitment Agency London notice ahead of time and a simpler recruitment process is followed to find a candidate to fill that role for that period of time.

There is also a Temp division which deals with short-term staff that are only needed for a couple of days at a time. In this case there is no need for a recruitment process. The consultant identifies a candidate that is suitable for the position and who is readily available and then contacts the client with the temp’s details. If the client isn’t satisfied, we will replace the temp within 24 hours.

Finding Short-term Staff at Recruitment Agency London
Recruitment Agency London specialises in providing exceptional, skilled and experienced candidates to companies and other organisations. We recruit, advertise and screen potential candidates vigorously and do all the relevant skills tests to make sure that the candidates are ready to start working immediately or as soon as possible.

Of course there are different levels of staff. We cater for candidates from very junior positions to those who work at the top level of an organisation. Candidates are also allocated to various industries as indicated by their qualifications, skills, their past experience as well as their chosen career path. Short-term staff recruitment depends on the candidate’s readiness to start work on very short notice. It is therefore vital that all of these factors are considered when interviewing the candidate before entering them into the database. As an additional service to our clients, we provide ongoing training and evaluation to keep our candidates up-to-date with new skills, technology etc.

Our Clients’ needs foremost
Recruitment Agency London’s aim is to satisfy our clients’ needs and requirements as far as possible. We work hard so that our clients get the best possible service and their needs are foremost in our minds when we allocate temps to them. In addition, our consultants are also always available for queries, comments and complaints.
The placement consultant will check in with both the client and the candidate on a daily / weekly basis (depending on the duration of the assignment) to make sure that both are satisfied with the temp’s progress. We are constantly updating and improving our service in line with government requirements and client recommendations.
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