Staffing Agency London

There are many staffing agencies in the UK. However, London is the hub of enterprise and therefore has the greatest need for an outstanding and dynamic recruitment agency.

Our Staffing Agency London is the agency in London. We are up-to-date with all the recruitment trends in the UK as well as London. The agency uses current recruitment technology and the consultants maintain good relationships with their clients.

Each field of speciality has a trained and skilled consultant to work with both the client and the candidates in that field. When clients request a job order to be filled, the details of the job are meticulously recorded on the job specification on our inter office recruitment system. Then the consultant refers to our extensive database of candidates to determine if we have any candidates suitable for that position.

The consultant makes presentations to the client based on the candidates from the database as well as any that were recruited through more conventional methods. The client than selects the candidates that s/he thinks are most suitable for the position and the interviewing and selection processes start.

Why use Staffing Agency London?
Staffing Agency London specialises in providing exceptional, skilled and experienced candidates to companies and other organisations. We recruit, advertise and screen potential candidates vigorously and do all the relevant skills tests to make sure that the candidates are ready to start working immediately or as soon as possible.

Of course there are different levels of staff. We cater for candidates from very junior positions to those who work at the top level of an organisation. We also take experience and industry involvement into account when we add the candidate to the database. As an additional service to our clients, we provide ongoing training and evaluation to assist our clients in doing their performance evaluations and promotions.

Our Service Promise
Staffing Agency London’s aims to satisfy our clients’ needs and requirements. We work hard and quickly so that the client gets the best possible service. Our placements are backed by a 90-day replace or refund guarantee for permanent placements and a 24-hour guarantee for temporary placements. Our consultants are also always available for queries, comments and complaints.

The placement consultant will check in with both the client and the candidate on a weekly basis to make sure that both are satisfied with the progress that the candidate is making in his/her new position. We are constantly updating and improving our service in line with government requirements and client recommendations.
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