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Temporary staffing is a perfect way to test the skills and abilities of a new employee. Why not really see them for yourself before committing? Not only are you able to get valuable business work done, but you have the opportunity to observe a worker practically, right in your place of business. When you are satisfied that the temporary staff that RAL provide are as we always promise – the perfect fit – then you can choose to hire them as permanent staff.

The Best Temping Agency London An excellent way of tackling recession or uncertainty in business, whether big or small, is by hiring temporary help. Our temping agency allows you access to workers of differing skill levels, backgrounds and talents. When we know what you are looking for, we manage the whole hiring process, resulting in limited liability for you, as well as a timely and appropriate worker to fill your vacancy. Temping is the perfect solution for many challenges faced by employers. With our varied candidates, we have the experience and resources to assist you.

Several reasons can make you think of hiring temps:

Staff Reasons

o    Employee’s absences such as illness, vacation or maternity leave are common reasons to get help from temps and fill a gap quickly.

  Business Reasons

o    Sometimes they are also the fluctuations of demand that could influence the way you hire. If your business knows some seasonal or peak periods, then temporary employees is an option you should really consider to get the right staff at the right time. Knowing your business is a key element in order to adopt the right recruitment strategy and optimise the use of your resources.

Additional benefits can be considered when it comes to hiring temps

  • Try Before You Buy
  • Covers a Temporarily Absent Employee’s Work
  • Great for Seasonal Work
  • More Affordable
  • Easier & Flexible




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