Temporary Staff

Temporary Staff

Temporary staff are used when there is a temporary need for additional people to complete a project or to fill in for people who are not there due to annual / sick leave, on-site commitments etc. This is why you need an agency that has the resources and expertise to assist you in finding the right person for the right position.
Benefits of agency involvement

The benefits of using a temporary staffing agency is that your company profile is with the agency and we can see at a moment’s notice which of our available candidates will be most suitable to fill the position. The agency and the client also have an ongoing relationship where the client can predict when they will need temporary staff and the agency can then prepare the candidates for those times. It is also beneficial to have a good relationship with the agency in order to resolve disputes that may arise from the candidate’s work or conduct. It is the agency’s responsibility to make sure that any disciplinary measures are taken and, if required, replace the candidate immediately if the dispute cannot be resolved or the disciplinary measures were not effective.
Our Service

Recruitment Agency London provides an expert and professional service to our clients. Our candidates are thoroughly interviewed, screened and checked before being introduced to our client. Each job spec is discussed in detail with our clients to avoid misunderstanding and to ensure that we understand exactly what the client requires from the candidate.

In addition to the above, we have a database of pre-approved candidates ready to start working immediately. If one of them (for any reason whatsoever) is found to be unsuitable for the position, we will gladly advertise the position and find an appropriate candidate for you.

Our fees are very competitive. Not only do you get excellent customer service, you also have the most appropriate candidate for the job and a very competitive fee to back up our client relationship. To further prove our confidence in our ability to satisfy your needs, we also offer a 90 day replace or refund guarantee on all our placements.

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