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How we work

At Team RAL, Leading recruitment agency London We are providing best recruitment services in London from last 10 years, we help job seekers to place on full time & part time jobs and assist businesses to find great employees. Our experienced recruiters are experts in many fields, such as finance, technology, engineering, and professional recruitment services. We understand that finding the right candidate or the right job can be a challenge, but we are here to help.

No Fee If No Placement

We have ”no placement no fee” policy it means you don’t need to pay if you don’t get suitable placement for your company. When we provide you a worker, we always keep follow up. It is our priority that both workers and clients are satisfied with the placement. Therefore, our recruitment consultant makes regular follow-up calls to the chosen candidate and client for the job placement.


As part of some expert recruitment agencies we caters to a wide range of industries including finance, technology, engineering, and professional services. We have a thorough understanding of each industry and the skills and experience required for each role. Our expert consultants work with experienced candidates to ensure that they are the right fit for the next role on full time or part time basis.

Exceptional Candidates

At our RAL, we have a pool of exceptional candidates who are looking for the right job. We work closely with these candidates to understand their skills and experience and match them with the right job. Whether you are looking for a job in the finance sector, the technology sector, or any other industry, we’ve got you covered. Our consultants are well trained.

Business Support

We offer business support services to help our clients grow their businesses. Our recruitment specialists help our clients make good business decisions by giving them salary advice, the latest information on the job market, and other business support services.

Job Search

Our website has a thorough job finding tools that lets people look for the most recent jobs in their field. We update our website regularly with new job.Our main services include placement, recruitment, selection, contract, and temporary workers.

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    We are part of the Workers Direct Group, and we have access to different database candidates. As one of the best recruitment agencies in London, we respond quickly to find talent for our clients across London and surrounding areas.

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    Our Guarantee

    At Team RAL,

    we understand that finding the right candidate or job can be a challenge. That’s why we offer a unique and comprehensive guarantee to ensure that our clients and candidates are satisfied with our services.

    When you work with us,

    we guarantee that you will be provided with exceptional candidates who are the right fit for your business. Our experienced consultants have a thorough understanding of different industries and work closely with candidates to match them with the right job. .

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    Why Recruitment Agency London?

    Working with a recruitment agency has many benefits for every business. You will find good, trustworthy candidates quickly and affordably thanks to this business partnership.

    Register with a few recruitment agencies in London if you’re looking for a full- or part-time job; Team RAL is the best agency. Our clients benefit from our expert consultants’ many years of experience, which they bring to our company.

    We are also seeking qualified individuals to join our expanding recruitment agency. Joining Team RAL will give you access to some of the next role in London.

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    Looking For a Specialist Recruitment Agency in London ?

    Around the UK, Team RAL collaborates with some of the top businesses. In order for us to successfully serve you, we must establish long-term professional relationships with our clients. If you are searching for a world-class recruitment agency in London, Team RAL is the best option for all kind of temp staffing

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    We understand that finding the right candidate or job can be a challenging and time-consuming process. That’s why we’re here to make the recruitment process smoother, faster, and more efficient for our clients and candidates. Our dedicated team of recruitment specialists has a wealth of experience and knowledge in various industries, enabling us to provide recruitment services & tailored solutions that meet our clients’ needs. We are part of the Workers Direct Group, and we have access to different database candidates. We respond quickly to find the best candidate from any clients across London and surrounding areas.

    You can register or Upload Your CV with us by uploading your CV with a job title.


    Welcome to our recruitment agency London! Here you will find answers to some frequently asked questions about our permanent & temporary recruitment services and how we can help you find the right job or candidate for your business.

    How do I register2023-04-03T01:35:37+00:00

    Your registration of CV is simplified. You can use either this website; or contact us As candidates or client; you can always email us at [email protected]

    alternatively call us at,+442030869080

    Clients are requested to kindly email us at [email protected]

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    What areas do you cover2023-04-03T01:36:15+00:00

    We cover all over the UK and abroad! We have been getting people for their dream job outside the UK such as countries of France, Isle of Jersey, Middle East; etc. so there is no location in the world that we do not do since our expansion depends on it.

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    How do I Create an account?2023-04-03T01:38:39+00:00

    On top right-hand corner of this page; click the social media that you use; use the email address provided there along with and register with us accordingly.

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    What do i do after my application is pending?2023-04-03T01:39:36+00:00

    Once your application is in pending mode, it is going to be considered to choose the best candidates for the dream job applied. These candidates will be contacted soonest possible on behalf of our featured employers from private sector.

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    What if I was not contacted back?2023-04-03T01:40:27+00:00

    Don’t worry if you was not one of the contacted ones. We keep getting clients every so often so each job and each area differs from each other. More new job keep coming up so there is nothing to worry about in terms of what you seek. We always search job through our database first before looking elsewhere as top rated employment agency.

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    How long do I wait to be contracted?2023-04-03T01:42:32+00:00

    We will keep you in the loop as soon as a new role shows up. Once new roles do arrive for your suitability; we will try our best to put you into work as soon as possible. You will be informed as soon as the job matching your talents, skills and experience shows up.

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    What kind of job do you have?2023-04-03T01:43:05+00:00

    We have jobs almost in all industries so there is nothing that we do not do. Your experience and skills is what entails us gain ability to put you into best possible roles.

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    What kind of new job roles do you have?2023-04-03T01:43:47+00:00

    We do have from temporary to permanent new job search almost all the time in various industries as compare to other recruitment agencies in London. Each role depends on your suitability, availability, skills and experiences as well as clients needs of timings and requirements of best talent alongside.

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    How long are your temporary jobs?2023-04-03T01:44:24+00:00

    Each job depends on the clients and their requirements for the business support & needs. Some can be as short as a day whilst others can be three months or longer depending on the business in particular season of the year or by request of our featured employers.

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    Will I get the pay raise2023-04-03T01:45:02+00:00

    Client usually would give you a rise if they feel comfortable with yourself and once you get permanent. We do not decide on that at all since it is usually almost always their say. However; we ensure rate is in current wages conditions. We determine it ourselves as per clients’ feedbacks and your performances overall.

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    When will I get paid?2023-04-03T01:45:34+00:00

    Your first pay usually will be on the second Friday since you start working. From there onwards you will get paid on a weekly basis regularly till after the end of your term of working tenure.

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