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As part of the Workers Direct Group, Recruitment Agency London has access to a large database of clients and candidates and is able to respond quickly to any request for staffing from any client in virtual industry. We are expanding on our database on a daily basis and are adding expertise and new industries to our portfolio regularly.

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In the competitive corporate world, it is very difficult to find the right candidate for the job. You need specific skills and experience and most people with these skills and experience are already recruited – either as temporary or on a permanent basis.


Right Staff On Right Time

Team RAL make sure each and every candidate placed on time exactly according to clients requirements.

Immediate Jobs & Flexible Working Hours

Register your CV today for ASAP start on flexible shifts & working hours.

Call Today & Hire Tomorrow

At recruitment agency London, we can fill any temp position on short notice according to the job requirements.

100% Guarantee

We refund entire recruitment fee in any event candidates being not available to work or we are unable to find the right candidate.

How we work

No Placement, No Fee

Some agencies will charge for their services without delivering the goods. Our ‘no placement, no fee’ policy means your business won’t have to pay a thing until we find a suitable placement for you. When a worker is supplied to a client by Recruitment Agency London, there is always follow-up. It is important to us that both the client and the candidate are happy and satisfied with the placement and that the work is progressing as intended. Our consultants will make regular follow-up calls to both client and chosen candidate for the job and will address any issues that may arise immediately. Recruitment Agency London

Long-Term Solutions

Once we get to know our clients, we become better and better at finding the perfect candidate for them. We are open to forming long-term professional relationships with our clients, to continue providing them with world-class recruitment services. All our consultants are qualified, skilled and experienced in the industry that they service and are therefore able to understand and meet the requirements of our clients. We pride ourselves on our ability to build lasting relationships with both our clients and our candidates and work hard to meet their requirements. We also endeavour to create opportunities for our candidates to grow, gain experience and build on their current knowledge and experience.

Fast Results

We pride ourselves on our skill at providing high quality solutions in quick time, so your business isn’t waiting around to hear an answer. With our speedy recruitment solutions, your company can hit the ground running and bring in workers without delay.

It is of the utmost importance to us that our clients are satisfied with the employees that we provide. Our candidates should also feel that they are progressing in their careers when they accept an assignment from us on behalf of our clientele. Hence; dual-happiness is what we rely on.

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Your registration of CV is simplified. You can use either this website; or contact us As candidates or client; you can always email us at

alternatively call us at,+442030869080

Clients are requested to kindly email us at

We cover all over the UK and abroad! We have been getting people jobs outside the UK such as countries of France, Isle of Jersey, Middle East; etc so there is no location in the world that we do not do since our expansion depends on it.

On top right-hand corner of this page; click the social media that you use; use the email address provided there along with and register with us accordingly.

Once your application is in pending mode, it is going to be considered to choose the best candidates for the jobs applied. These candidates will be contacted soonest possible.

Don’t worry if you was not one of the contacted ones. We keep getting clients every so often so each job and each area differs from each other. More jobs keep coming up so there is nothing to worry about in terms of what you seek. We always search through our database first before looking elsewhere.

We will keep you in the loop as soon as a new role shows up. Once new roles do arrive for your suitability; we will try our best to put you into work as soon as possible. You will be informed as soon as the job matching your talents, skills and experience shows up.

We have jobs almost in all industries so there is nothing that we do not do. Your experience and skills is what entails us gain ability to put you into best possible roles.

We do have from temporary to permanent roles almost all the time in various industries. Each role depends on your suitability, availability, skills and experiences as well as clients needs of timings and requirements of talent alongside.

Each job depends on the clients and their requirements for the business needs. Some can be as short as a day whilst others can be three months or longer depending on the business in particular season of the year etc.

Client usually would give you a rise if they feel comfortable with yourself and once you get permanent. We do not decide on that at all since it is usually almost always their say. However; we ensure rate is in current wages conditions. We determine it ourselves as per clients’ feedbacks and your performances overall.

Your first pay usually will be on the second Friday since you start working. From there onwards you will get paid on a weekly basis regularly till after the end of your term of working tenure.