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The Best Admin Recruitment Agency in London

With its rigorous recruitment process and knack for identifying top administrative talent, Team RAL has established itself as the premier admin recruitment agency in London.

For over 10 years, the agency has partnered with leading companies in sourcing candidates for permanent and temporary admin roles across various sectors.

Team RAL’s experienced consultants leverage their deep understanding of clients’ organisational culture and staffing needs to provide seamless support in hiring elite executive assistants, multitasking office managers, skilled data entry clerks, receptionist and more.

Companies trust Team RAL to source admin stars who can hit the ground running with minimal ramp-up time.

Our Admin Hiring Expertise

Highly Trained Recruiters

Team RAL consultants are highly trained in administrative recruitment practices. For every position, they gather key details like duties, responsibilities, must-have qualifications, technical skills, soft skills, experience level preferred and salary range offered. This enables them to determine the precise candidate profile needed to fulfill the role effectively. The consultants tap into their extensive network and candidate databases to source elite applicants that align with the role requirements.

Large Candidate Pool Access

Team RAL maintains an ever-growing pool of over 50,000 pre-screened and qualified admin candidates. These candidates possess experience across diverse industries like healthcare, finance, legal, retail, HR, technology, and more. The agency’s job board continuously attracts active and passive, high-caliber applicants. Strong partnerships with reputed temp staffing agencies provide access to temporary administrative workers. For urgent short-term admin needs, Team RAL can rapidly deploy pre-vetted candidates from their pool.

Cost Efficiency & Compliance Management

Clients benefit from significant cost savings by leveraging Team RAL’s recruitment capabilities. The agency’s reasonable fixed-fee structure means no hidden charges. Outsourcing admin hiring eliminates expenses associated with in-house recruitment staff and tools. Company resources are freed up for core priorities rather than resume screening, interviews, and assessments. Access to extensively screened candidates also reduces hiring risks and employee turnover down the line.

Why Choose Team RAL to fill administrative jobs?

Hire Top Talent

When partnering with Team RAL for administrative recruitment, clients gain access to elite candidates, time and cost savings, industry insights, and transparency. With a sharp eye for administrative excellence, passion for client service, and their rigorous recruitment methodology, Team RAL has become London’s top agency for hiring phenomenal admin talent ready to drive productivity and growth

Our Recruitment Process

The Recruitment Process Once the hiring need arises, Team RAL will have an initial consultation to gain a deep understanding of the role’s responsibilities and qualifications, along with the company’s preferences. The consultant then creates a tailored recruitment plan and begins sourcing suitable applicants. Shortlisted candidates are contacted for screening.

Temporary Staffing

Beyond permanent placement, Team RAL provides temporary administrative staffing solutions to manage workload peaks, employee leaves and special projects. Companies can bring in temps with as little as 24-hours notice for assignments ranging from 1 week to over a year. All temporary candidates are screened as per permanent hires. These flexible staffing options let businesses scale up admin capacity swiftly and cost-effectively.

Cost-Effective Services

Clients benefit from significant cost savings by leveraging Team RAL’s recruitment capabilities. The agency’s reasonable fixed-fee structure means no hidden charges. Outsourcing admin hiring eliminates expenses associated with in-house recruitment staff and tools.

Beyond Traditional Placement

Team RAL provides flexible workforce solutions. Their temporary staffing delivers pre-screened admins to seamlessly manage workload spikes or employee leaves. For crucial leadership roles, retained executive search utilizes focused networking and headhunting.

Personalised Approach & Passion

From executive assistants and office managers to administrators, data entry clerks and receptionists. The agency’s excellence in administrative recruitment has earned high praise. But it is their personalised approach and passion for matching talent with the right opportunities that sets them apart.

A Professional Administrative Staffing Agency Must Have the following Qualities:

Here are some key qualities to look for in a professional administrative staffing agency:

Expertise and Experience

  • Specialised expertise in administrative roles with proven experience filling various positions like office managers, executive assistants, receptionists, etc.
  • Deep understanding of qualifications, skills needed for different admin jobs
  • Knowledge of industry best practices for sourcing and assessing admin candidates

Strong Sourcing and Networking

  • Extensive candidate network and relationships with attracting top admin talent
  • Diverse sourcing strategies to access both active and passive job seekers
  • Proprietary database of pre-screened candidates at ready

Rigorous Screening

  • Comprehensive process including interviews, testing, background checks on all candidates
  • Assessments tailored to each admin role like data entry speed test, software knowledge, communications skills etc.
  • High standards ensuring only most qualified admins move forward

Responsive Communication

  • Quick response times and regular status updates throughout the hiring process
  • Proactive collaboration and consultation about role needs
  • Easy access to staffing experts via phone, email, portal

Compliance Expertise

  • Up-to-date knowledge of regulations around background checks, employment eligibility, data security
  • Robust compliance practices to ensure legal hiring process

Temporary Staffing Capabilities

  • Ability to provide quality pre-vetted temporary admin staff quickly for short term needs
  • Flexible arrangements from 1 week to over a year

These key indicators will help identify an administrative staffing agency equipped to deliver top talent efficiently and cost-effectively. The ideal partner will serve as an invaluable extension of your HR capabilities.

How to Choose the Right Admin Recruiter

Tips for working with an admin staffing agency

Here are some tips for working effectively with an admin staffing agency:

Clearly define the role and required qualifications 

Provide a detailed job description highlighting must-have skills, experience level desired, key duties and responsibilities. This helps the agency source suitable candidates.

Communicate needs proactively 

Convey your staffing needs and priorities early so the agency can start the recruiting process in a timely manner. Inform them of any changes in requirements.

Interview thoroughly 

Have structured interviews assessing both hard and soft skills. Use assessments, skills tests to evaluate candidates.

Check references 

Have the agency conduct detailed reference checks of shortlisted candidates to get insights from previous employers.

Set clear expectations

Ensure the agency understands the expected onboarding process, training and ramp-up time for new admin hires.

Request regular updates 

Have the agency provide status updates and feedback throughout the hiring process. Communicate any outstanding concerns.

Act quickly 

When presented qualified candidates, aim to make hiring decisions promptly to avoid losing top talent.

Provide feedback 

Share feedback on the strengths or weaknesses of placed candidates to help the agency improve the recruiting approach.

Build a relationship 

Develop an open, communicative partnership with your agency contacts focused on meeting talent needs.

Evaluate performance 

Assess metrics like time-to-fill roles, retention rate, candidate quality and agency responsiveness.

Following these tips will lead to an efficient, productive relationship with your admin staffing agency.

Relevant Experience

We make sure all our operatvies Must have minimum 2 - 5 years relevant Experience.

24/7 Availability

Our Customer Service staff available online & on phone 24/7 to fill any urgent vacancy.

Flexible & Reliable

All our temps are fully able to start on short notice whenever require.


Looking for Latest Administrative Roles? We Can Help

Job Description Administrative Assistant

Position Summary:

We are seeking a highly motivated and organised individual to join our team as an Administrative Assistant.

As an integral member of our organisation, the successful candidate will provide essential support to ensure the smooth functioning of our office operations.

This role demands exceptional organisational skills, attention to detail, and the ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously while maintaining a positive and professional attitude.


1. Perform general clerical duties such as photocopying, scanning, mailing, and faxing documents.

2. Maintain and update physical and digital filing systems, ensuring accuracy and confidentiality.

3. Manage incoming and outgoing correspondence, such as emails, calls, and messages, promptly and professionally.

4. Schedule and coordinate meetings, appointments, and travel arrangements for staff members.

5. Assist in the preparation and editing of various reports, presentations, and documents.

6. Assist in the coordination and execution of special projects and events.

7. Monitor and order office supplies, ensuring appropriate stock levels are maintained. 8. Act as the point of contact for internal and external stakeholders, providing excellent customer service and addressing inquiries and requests promptly and efficiently.

9. Support the preparation and distribution of agendas, minutes, and other materials for meetings.

10. Assist with basic bookkeeping and financial administration tasks, such as processing expenses and invoices.

11. Uphold a high level of confidentiality and discretion when dealing with sensitive information.

Required Skills:

1. Proven experience as an Administrative Assistant or in a similar role.

2. Solid knowledge of office procedures and equipment, such as printers, fax machines, and telephone systems.

3. Proficiency in MS Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) and other relevant software.

4. Excellent organizational and time management skills, with the ability to prioritize tasks effectively.

5. Strong attention to detail and accuracy in all work.

6. Exceptional communication skills, both verbal and written.

7. Ability to work independently and collaboratively in a team-focused environment.

8. Strong problem-solving skills and the ability to adapt to changing situations.

9. High level of professionalism, integrity, and confidentiality.

10. Strong multitasking abilities, resilience, and ability to work under pressure.


Minimum of one year of experience in an administrative assistant or similar role is required. Candidates with demonstrable experience handling office tasks with a high degree of accuracy and efficiency will be preferred.

This is a temporary position for 6 weeks to fill in for an employee on leave. Please contact us if you have the required profile and are interested in this temp medical receptionist role & for latest jobs visit our website.

Hours of Work: Mon To Fri – 09.00 – 17.00

Pay Rate: £13 to £16 per hour

Job Location: Central London, W1

Please contact Zak for more details on +44(0) 2037406776 

To apply forward your CV to arrange an immediate interview.

jobs@ Recruitment-Agency.London

OR Apply Online

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What types of admin roles do you recruit for?

We recruit for a wide range of administrative roles including executive assistants, office managers, administrators, receptionists, customer service reps, data entry clerks, payroll specialists, and more across many industries.

  1. What is your screening and recruitment process?

Our rigorous recruitment process includes resume screening, phone and in-person interviews, skills testing, background checks, and reference checks. This thorough vetting ensures we find the best candidates.

  1. How quickly can you fill an open admin position?

We leverage our extensive network and talent pools to fill most administrative vacancies within 2-4 weeks. For urgent needs we can submit exceptional candidates within 5-10 days.

  1. Do you provide temporary admin staffing?

Yes, we maintain a large pool of pre-vetted temporary candidates who can start within 5-7 days to fill in for employee leaves, workload peaks, and special projects.

  1. Why choose your admin recruitment services?

Our staffing experts possess deep expertise in hiring administrative professionals. We take the time to understand your organization’s needs and culture. Our rigorous recruitment process coupled with a strong talent network allows us to provide exceptional administrative talent ready to contribute on day one.

Please let us know if you have any other questions! We look forward to helping with your administrative recruitment and staffing needs.

To book an administrative staff member, please fill out the online form for a quick response.

Or Call on +44(0) 2037406776 for more Admin Staffing information or email us at, Team@Recruitment-Agency.London