Administrative staff

Many admin roles are required in running a successful business / organisation. Sometimes, however, additional administrative staff are needed due to Extra Work Load or where the regular staff members are absent from work for a period of time. This is when RAL, Leading administrative agency helps businesses and other organisations find replacement or supplementary staff in a very short space of time. We have large database of:

  • Receptionists
  • Clerks
  • Office Secretary
  • Personal Assistant (PA)
  • Office Managers
  • Data Entry Operators
  • Filing clerk

The type of administrative skill that the client needs will determine the job specification that the agency will compile from the information obtained from the client. Using the job spec, the consultant will then look through our extensive database to see if we have any suitable candidates for the position. If there are no suitable candidates for the administrative staff position, we then advertise in the various media available to us.

Benefits Of Using RAL

Administrative staff are a dime a dozen. GOOD Administrative staff are as scarce as chickens teeth. The agency will have screened, interviewed and checked the candidate before allowing the candidate to go to the next step.

The next step in the recruitment process is to give the candidate a test of the various skills that s/he will need to fulfil the requirements of the position. Should s//he fail to meet the requirements, they will not be introduced to the client. Only the best candidates are introduced to the client.

What We Offer

It is our mission to satisfy our clients needs and requirements. We work hard and fast so that the client gets the best service possible. Our placements are backed by a 90-day replace or refund guarantee. Our consultants are always available for queries, comments and complaints.

In the case of Administrative Staff, the consultant checks in with both the client and the candidate on a weekly basis to make sure that both are satisfied with the progress that the candidate is making in his/her new position.
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