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Welcome to the leading catering recruitment agency connecting top foodservice professionals with rewarding job opportunities across London. With decades of experience staffing hospitality roles, we are the premier catering agency trusted by 5-star hotels, exclusive venues, corporates and private clients.

We provide access to the most exciting catering jobs in London. Our selective recruitment process allows us to represent only the most skilled, passionate and dedicated candidates. Join our network to explore positions including:

⭕ Hotel, restaurant and corporate catering roles

⭕ Private event, wedding and conference catering

⭕ Luxury villa, mega yacht and estate catering

⭕ Pop-up restaurant and food festival catering

Take your catering career to new heights by registering with us today. We welcome exceptional talent ready for greater challenges and rewards.

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Catering Jobs: Join Our London Recruitment Agency

Catering jobs are highly sought after and make up a significant proportion of the national economy. According to UK statistics, there are almost 1 million jobs in the catering industry. Out of these jobs, over 10% of them are in temporary employment.

Whether you are a catering professional looking for a permanent role, or you are searching for catering jobs on a temporary basis, finding a catering agency like RAL is the best option for you.

Expertise in Catering Recruitment

With decades of specialised experience, we are experts at:

  • ♨️ Recruiting exceptional catering and hospitality talent globally

  • ♨️ Matching candidates to optimal roles and environments

  • ♨️ Ensuring ideal culture fit with luxury brands and venues

  • ♨️ Negotiating salaries up to double the industry average

  • ♨️ Providing immigration and relocation support

  • ♨️ Delivering 5-star white glove concierge recruitment

Our sole focus on catering recruitment lets us provide unparalleled service and results.

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No 1 Catering Recruitment Agency in London

If you are searching for a job in the catering industry, you will find a catering recruitment agency will significantly help your career.

This is because many of the best catering businesses place their faith in an agency to help them find reliable workers. This means many of the best catering jobs are only available through a catering agency.

Why Choose Our Catering Recruitment Services in London

Clients and candidates consistently rely on our specialist catering recruitment due to:

  • 🌟 Stringent vetting ensuring only the best hospitality professionals

  • 🌟 Customised matching with ideal roles for your skills and interests

  • 🌟 Largest collection of exclusive catering job opportunities

  • 🌟 Guidance obtaining work permits and visas

  • 🌟 Support negotiating top pay rates and benefits

  • 🌟 Ongoing training and professional development

Let us guide you towards the most prestigious catering positions in London and worldwide.

Qualified & Experienced Catering Staff

Top Catering Positions Available with Our Agency

We represent coveted catering roles including:

 Hotel and Corporate Catering

  • 5-star hotel banquet and event catering

  • Luxury boutique hotel restaurant chefs and caterers

  • Corporate headquarters onsite catering teams

  • Business conference, gala and party caterers

Private and Event Catering

  • Lavish wedding reception catering

  • Charity ball and fundraiser event caterers

  • Private villa and estate household caterers

  • Movie set and production catering teams

Apply with us to access the most exclusive catering hospitality job opportunities in London’s thriving hospitality sector.

Join Our Elite Catering Team

We attract truly remarkable candidates by offering:

  • Salaries substantially above industry averages

  • Comprehensive benefits packages

  • Ongoing training and skill development

  • Opportunity to cater elite events and venues

  • Work alongside celebrity chefs and top professionals

  • Clear progression paths to senior roles

Our team comprises the top catering talent working in London today. Enjoy excellent rewards and career growth.

Catering Roles: Your Path to a Fulfilling Career

Catering roles serve as promising long-term careers rather than just jobs. With us, you can:

  • Quickly increase earnings through performance

  • Gain experience in Michelin-starred settings

  • Establish yourself as an elite sought-after caterer

  • Receive training from celebrity industry experts

  • Transition into senior leadership roles

  • Move into adjacent industries like restaurants and hotels

Join our recruitment agency to elevate your catering career potential in London.

Succeeding As Catering Staff

The catering industry can be one of the most competitive for both businesses and workers. With a high-pace working environment and considerable job demands, succeeding as catering staff is not easy, Useful tips before signing up catering worker :


As a high-pace industry, succeeding as catering & hospitality staff requires a lot of dedication to the job. Many people are living their dream working in the catering world, so the level of competitiveness is very high. Those who want to rise to the top of catering will need plenty of dedication and determination.

Open Mind

At the top of the catering industry, the most successful catering staff enter their jobs with an open mind and a capacity to learn. While catering jobs are undoubtedly hard work, they can also benefit from a degree of creativity. Always be willing to learn on the job and soak up the experience and wisdom of others at your workplace.

Hospitality Jobs

Try New Jobs

In order to fully understand the ins and outs of the catering industry, an individual can benefit from working across various job roles. For example, trying out work in a restaurant can complement your experience at a processing facility. At Workers-direct., you will be able to choose from many catering & kitchen porters jobs as they arise.

Love The Job

Being a part of a catering business can be an exciting and fun experience. What the most successful catering candidates will find is that having a genuine enthusiasm for the job can help your career immensely. This will give you a passion and dedication for catering that will help you stand apart from the other candidates.

How to Land Your Dream Catering Job in London

Follow these tips to win coveted catering job placements:

Share examples demonstrating creativity and problem-solving & Follow up promptly during the hiring process, With the right skills and professional approach, we can help you secure the ideal catering job in London.

Career Growth in London’s Catering Jobs

Catering offers diverse advancement possibilities, including:

  • Head Chef – Lead kitchen operations and menu development

  • Catering Director – Manage entire catering department and events

  • Executive Chef – Oversee cuisine across a hotel or restaurant group

  • Private Chef – Create bespoke dining experiences for elite clientele

Our training, connections and placements enable you to achieve your highest catering career aspirations.

Trusted Name in Catering Placement

We have established an excellent reputation through:

  • 👉 95% candidate placement rate within 30 days

  • 👉 90% candidate retention rate beyond 2 years

  • 👉 85% of placements from direct referrals and repeats

  • 👉 0 candidate turnover during probation periods

  • 👉 100% client satisfaction based on surveys

Our commitment to excellence makes us the authority in elite catering recruitment in London.