Construction staff
Construction staff are people who work on construction projects e.g. Building hospitals, schools and other types of buildings. They are in high demand, especially those with specialist skills e.g. electrician, plumber etc.

Construction companies run the project, and they are always hunting for temporary workers to help them complete the project. So we take CVs from the person interested in doing a part-time job for a construction company.

Construction is usually manual work and can be physically demanding. Their wages vary from project to project and is always negotiated when they are approached to do the job. Often, though, construction workers need an agency to find them ongoing work and reasonable wages.

Using Our Database

Usually companies will approach the agency to find good construction workers for them. Our consultants are constantly on the look-out for these rare individuals and when they find them, they sign them up as soon as possible. Therefore we have good construction staff in our database. This means that we will be able to assist you in finding the right person for the position within an acceptable period of time.

Usually construction companies want to employ groups of blue collar workers, as well as industry specialists. Our consultants are fully equipped to assist our clients with these requests. At times the client may want staff for a short period of time. Other contracts may take longer to complete and therefore the construction staff will be employed for a longer period of time. In some cases, the client will want to employ the candidates on a full-time, permanent basis. Our experienced consultants are fully equipped and experienced to assist the client with finding what s/he is looking for.

Once acceptable candidates have been found, negotiations around salary, working hours etc. will determine whether s/he will want to be part of the project or not. Our experienced consultants will gladly assist with this process.
How We Work

Our mission is to satisfy our clients’ needs and requirements. We work quickly so that the client gets the best service possible. Our placements are backed by a 90-day replace or refund guarantee. Our consultants are also always available for queries, comments and complaints.

As with all the other staff that we cater for, the consultant checks in with both the client and the candidate on a weekly basis until the 90-day period has expired, to make sure that both are satisfied with the progress that the candidate is making in his/her new position.
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Date Posted : June 28, 2021

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