Event Staff Recruitment

Event staff recruitment is a much specialised field in the recruitment industry. Many of the positions are seasonal while others require much sought after skills. Our consultants who work in this division are uniquely trained and experienced at dealing with clients and candidates who work within this industry.

Our reputation in the industry has grown higher because we provide the workers who serve the event companies and who work to promote the brands.

As with all our other divisions it would depend on the type of placement that will determine the candidate selected for that position. These positions could be full-time, part-time, permanent or temporary, it all depends on the type and duration of the event. It would also depend on the event company’s needs and requirements.

Recruitment Agency London and Event Staff Recruitment
Recruitment Agency London specialises in providing exceptional, skilled and experienced candidates to companies and other organisations. We recruit, advertise and screen potential candidates vigorously and do all the relevant skills tests to make sure that the candidates are ready to start working immediately or as soon as possible.

As with any other industry the Events industry has many different levels of staff. We cater for candidates from very junior positions to those who work at the top level of their  organisation. Candidates are allocated to clients and positions according to their qualifications, skills, their past experience as well as their chosen career path. Mostly this industry depends on mid- to short-term placements with a fast turnover of staff. The duration of the event also plays a major role when recruiting for these positions. Some events take years to prepare while other happen literally overnight. The candidates will have to be prepared to work under these terms and conditions.

Recruitment Agency London’s promise
Recruitment Agency London’s mission is to satisfy our clients’ needs and requirements. When doing recruitment for the Events industry, we work quickly to fill the position. Not only is it critical to meet our client’s demands, but the industry is highly competitive and a tardy response could lead to the candidate being snapped up by another agency.

As a leader in this field, Recruitment Agency London has an extensive database of event staff and are often called on by large corporations to do their event staff recruitment.

The placement consultant will check in with both the client and the candidate on a daily / weekly basis (depending on the duration of the event and its preparation) to make sure that both are satisfied with the assignment’s progress. We are constantly updating and improving our service in line with government requirements and client recommendations.
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Job Title : Events

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Job Description : Events

Date Posted : June 28, 2021

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