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Healthcare staff
Healthcare staff provide organised medical care for individuals and the community.
They can either specialise in a specific field of healthcare e.g. radiology, cardiology etc.or remain in the general sector as nurses and care workers.

Nurses and care workers work directly with the patient and need to be compassionate, helpful and physically able in order to deal with dynamic situations and more demanding clients. Their primary job is to help people live productive lives and retain their dignity and independence.

Working conditions for healthcare workers are not ideal. They work long hours and sometimes in heart breaking conditions. Our agency is there to ensure that our healthcare candidates work in the best possible conditions and earn competitive wages.

Healthcare Staff at RAL

We have an entire division set up to handle this speciality. That means that we can offer the client a selection of candidates ranging from nurses and care workers to radiologists and pharmacists.

We can provide either full homecare services or staff working in clinics, surgeries and hospitals. All healthcare staff have to comply with relevant legislation and have annual training updates to keep abreast of new equipment and new legislation.

Recruitment Agency London candidates are rigorously screened for relevant qualifications, criminal checks as well as any relevant updates in skills and qualifications that they may have done. This way the agency can guarantee that the candidate is the right person for the job. The Agency also ensures that all candidates are up-to-date with their mandatory annual training.

RAL and Healthcare Staff
Health is a burning issue in any country and we work hard and fast so that the client gets the best service possible. Our placements are backed by a 24-hour replace or refund guarantee. Our consultants are also always available for queries, comments and complaints.

As with all the other staff that we cater for, the consultant checks in with both the client and the candidate on a weekly basis to make sure that both are satisfied with the progress that the candidate is making in his/her new position. We are constantly updating and improving our service in line with government requirements and client recommendations.
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