Hospitality staff

Wherever there is a need for the friendly treatment of a group of people there is likely to be some provision for food and drink. This is provided by hospitality staff who are responsible for the accommodation of guests’ needs. They are the liaison between the catering staff and the guests.

We have an extra division to handle this specialty. We offer the client to select the candidate. We have CVs of hotel managers, event planners, and customer service officers. So the company can hire the individual to fulfill the requirement.

There are two hospitality sectors in which hospitality staff can choose to work. These are the commercial (private) or public sector. From these sectors there are a myriad of options for the workers to choose from.

Hospitality requires a specific personality as well as extensive training. Therefore our consultants are also trained in hospitality in order to be able to screen and interview anybody who would like to work in hospitality. We also maintain an extensive database of hospitality staff who are ready, willing and able to start working at short notice.

The Role Our Consultants Play

We have an entire division set up to handle this speciality. That means that we can offer the client a selection of candidates ranging from hotel managers to event co-ordinators and everything in between.

Hospitality staff don’t usually earn large salaries or wages when they start to work, but in time their remuneration can increase dramatically. It is our privilege to negotiate the best wages possible for a candidate with a client bearing both the interest of the client and the candidate in mind.
Client Satisfaction
Our clients’ satisfaction is foremost in our minds. We work hard to give the client the best possible service. Our placements are backed by a 90-day replace or refund guarantee. In addition to that, our consultants are also always available for queries, comments and complaints.

As with all the other staff that we cater for, the consultant checks in with both the client and the candidate on a weekly basis to make sure that both are satisfied with the progress that the candidate is making in his/her new position.
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