Applicant Experience:

Here is what market actually does not talk about so much:


Employers still trying to fill over 5 million vacant roles:

There are, certainly, pouches of market that is hit by COVID. Able individuals in these trades will be seeking work. Don’t forget that employers still trying to fill five million vacant roles. These have been more spots than ones available in 2014. Pull up your emails from 2014 and check for yourselves.


Double-Edged blade with more applicants:

Companies might see themselves obtaining more submissions for jobs due to greater joblessness. Dealing with bigger group of applicants, it is uncomplicated for normal methods to fall to side. For instance, it gives better candidates with more skills and experience available quickly. Applicants reveal pessimistic encounters with their association often than not; in fact, they do so in almost as many as 72% cases. Report demonstrates applicants are 38% more apt to agree to job offer after terrific applicant experience. They are twofold prone to inform hiring company to others, even if they did not get job. With RAL, this is one of the sole reasons for our brand name to go above and beyond to candidates. Brand justice is vital. It is up to one to determine which path to take it.


Simple tactics to expand our applicant experience:

Way communication happens with applicants is big part of maxing applicants experience. It is just as critical to emphasise on this in hard times. Keep them in twist: at what stage of process are they, and what comes next? Often recruiters expose likely dilemmas this way before getting to job offer. Getting in touch often is not enough. At RAL we make sure we have been clear in outreach, too. We do not waste our or our applicants’ time!



Transparency is one key pieces of advice that applicant experience shares with audience during any contact alongside their own group. These in itself advises recruiters to also be clear from start when it comes to job description and salary information.



Interactions is vital, especially in period like one we are currently navigating. With RAL we always would be prepared during interviews. We don’t let candidates feel like we never saw their resume’ and cover letter before. We have always been professional and friendly when we talk to them, they perhaps devoted time to prepare for this discussion. Asking them improper issues or being late, among other things, would denote a lack of respect for them.



Honesty is best policy. Sometimes there are justifiable motives for setbacks in developments. It is okay to share these with applicants. We at RAL put ourselves in applicant’s shoes to suppose how they would want to be preserved. Essential thing is to keep honest conversation.


Address basic reason:

In many issues in life, if you want to fix problem, it is best to fix it once and for all. First step would be to execute course to seek opinion from applicants. We at RAL are open to talk to them over phone as often as they may require. Listening to what applicants have to say about merit of hiring helps identify on some aspects of it that company might have never, else, found. Ignoring applicant experience in today’s market costs more than it helps business thrive. RAL shows applicants, clients, and prospective dealers that all reports about caring about them were true. it is our break to reveal our true colours. It is simple thing that matters most. We get applicants sense pricelessness. They reimburse us consistently!

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