Who Are We:

RAL is professional, client centrical recruitment agency in London. We deliver best service and work to high specification of service for clients and candidates. Our recruitment consultants include their own resources and traits to their use whilst retaining specialised, and counseling service. We have been growing as agency with recruitment consultants that concentrate in several directions: including Administration, Construction, Catering and Hospitality, IT and much more, including all areas wherever recruitment is essential.


Current Market Situation:

With joblessness heights soaring to chronological anticyclones, might lure employers to think applicant skill lost its significance. But closer look at issue implies that not prioritising applicant skill might cost employers more than might appear on surface. This is where RAL comes in; we have experienced candidates from each walk of lives. Their immense perfect combination of remarkable talent and skillset is next to none. They have one dream: work as a pro.


Process post COVID:

Interview route started post-COVID, applicants have no prospects of swift shift in chaotic market. More crucial point for them is hiring manager do not connect with them for some period. People learned that many forget what was said and done, but never forget how one made them feel. Hirers might say risk strategy is vital to business’s triumph. But it left people feeling hirers could be amused by other ventures when that would finally occur. People would lose backing of key hirer. With RAL, though, this was not the case. We constantly were in touch with candidates throughout pandemic. As and when we got contacted by them, we made sure we attend to them to give them that comforting sense to ensure that they know someone is there to care for them. Hope is being able to see there is light behind all darkness.

Job Title : Our Guarantee

Hiring Organisation : RAL - Recruitment Agency London

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Job Description : Our Guarantee

Date Posted : October 3, 2020

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